How to remove not fully installed plugin

(LN) #1

I’ve tried to install Log Viewer plugin but unfortunately unsuccessfully (read only store issue). I can still see this error message:
“Error while creating/copying file to /nix/store/5yq6hsmabykncchhxh44ay25nql87z4h-matomo-3.9.1/share/plugins//LogViewer/plugin.json .
Please check that the web server has enough permission to write to these files/directories…”
How can I remove partially installed plugin? (or suppress this message)

(Lukas Winkler) #2

I’d say first try to remove it from the config.ini.php (both sections) and delete the directory in plugins (if it exists as I guess because of no write permissions it hasn’t been created)

And maybe logout and login again if the warning persists.

(LN) #3

Log Viewer is missing in the list of plugins (/var/lib/matomo/config/config.ini.php) and specific directory of the plugin doesn’t exist (good prediction :+1:)
However, the error message is displayed even when I restarted the container :astonished:
But you was right - relog from the webadmin solves it. Sorry :blush: Just my first steps with Matomo :innocent:
Thanks for help