How to regenerate stats?

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I just installed piwik, but in the admin interface, I didn’t find how to regenerate statistics. In the howto, it is explain how to “cron” it, but not how to regenerate from the interface.

$ cat global.ini.php  | grep time
; Defaults to 10 seconds so that by default, Piwik provides real time reporting.
time_before_archive_considered_outdated = 10
default_time_one_page_visit = 10

Thanks for your help.

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In API, I clicked on “générer des données” (generate data), but I have this error :

Error: Error query: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'config_browser_name' cannot be null

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I reinstalled it (removed my config.ini), and it seems to ~work.

The results are still weird, I installed piwik 2 hours ago and I reseted it 5 minutes ago, and I have this :

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In fact, piwik doesn’t seem to work at all for my website, the results are totally weird, and are far different than the ones I had with google analytics :
for example, the “search keyword list” in the refering section (for google for example) contains “php my visite” and other things which refer to “piwik” but not to my website at all.

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Generate Data populates your database with sample data so you can evaluate Piwik. You probably don’t want to do that on a production database.

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Also, if you’ve reinstalled Piwik from scratch, you should clear your browser cache – Piwik won’t recognize the cookies anymore (and it oops won’t track your visits.