How to Query No of Goal Conversions per Page?

I’d be grateful if someone could share the API call that I need to make to get the number of conversions of a goal that a specific page (title or URL) is responsible for. I tried Goals.get with segment=PageUrl==xyz but that always returns zero.

I also tried Actions.getPageTitles with segment= visitConvertedGoalId==N, but that also returns nothing.

Is it possible to query that at all? Is there any documentation as to which segments/dimensions and which metrics can be queried (have a relationship)?

Alternatively, how can I query number of times a custom variable with page scope has been set for a specific page?

I suppose I am trying to implement a form of event tracking in Piwik.

Many thanks,

This is a feature request, see: Internal Campaigns to attribute conversions and revenue to banners, pages, internal search results, etc. · Issue #2669 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub