How to Move Matomo from Sub Domain to Main Domain

(Matt) #1


I have Matomo set up on a subdomain (its been about 2-3 months) and I would like to move the installation to:

I have only one site currently on the sub domain install of matomo.

However is there any easy way for me to do this?

Can someone help me out with the steps involved of things that I will need to do?

For instance, do I need to use the Migration Plugin to migrate/move the site form the old Matomo install to the new?

Do I need to recreate a new tag manager container for the site on the new matomo install?

If I have created custom dimensions, do I need to re-create those on the new install?

Is there a way to simply clone the old install into the new install as it is on the same server?



(Fabian Dellwing) #2

The only thing you should need to change in Matomo is the trusted domains. Otherwise it should just be a change of the URL in your webservers config.