How to manually set time for deleting old data


I have read thru several old posts about how to set the actual time for the running of purging old log data but have not really found a solution that works. Is this now a configurable item somewhere that I can set? Currently it runs during our daytime hours and I would like to set it to run at 1am nightly instead of 5pm.

Below is a screenshot of area I am referring to that I took early this morning.


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Unfortunately, that is not possible at the moment. All scheduled tasks are scheduled at the same time as the schedule is created.

I guess this could be added as an enhancement, if you want to:

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Feature request created:

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Some workaround from github:

Just FYI, this was also discussed in the Q&A session of MatomoCamp:$7xdTNeX3yxGZ4reFnSPIrwgYnosonKl2LmNxh6bf1gE