How to make campaigns tracking in Piwik

Hi there,

I’m newbie in Piwik.
I read this: Tracking Campaigns – Analytics Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo but didn’t understand how to use campaigns in Piwik.
Can anyone describe me or give me an example how to use campaigns tracking in Piwik?

Thanks friends

There is no anyone help me? an example?

Please be patient. This is a forum - not a chat so people will reply when they have time. The same applies for IRC - you might have to wait a few hours before someone replies.

Regarding your question:

What exactly don’t you understand about campaigns? You basically just add parameters to the link on your website and Piwik tracks how often visitors visit links with those parameters. You can use the URL builder to create those links:

Excuse me & Thanks
I embed this link on http://localhost/website/ad.html

<a href="http://localhost/website/ad.html?pk_campaign=Using%20Piwik%20Campaigns">ad</a>

and clicked several time on the above link, but campaigns report in Piwik is empty!

Piwik installed in http://localhost/website/piwik

This way is correct?

“Piwik will track the visit, and detect the parameter “pk_campaign” in the URL of the first page view, and the visit will be credited to the Referrer > Campaign” - it only counts for the first page view, so if you’ve visited the page before it won’t track it.