How to increase Admin > Websites to list more than 25 at a time?

(Dan Poynor) #1

I have a couple hundred websites and occasionally need to edit settings under Administration > Website Management.

In an older version of Piwik I would see a complete list of all websites to administer but now I only see 25 at a time and have to click the Next and Previous buttons to view the list.

How can I increase the default value limiting the list to show only 25 to show 100 or more at a time?

(Dan Poynor) #2

Directly editing the database table ‘piwik_site’ seems like a good alternative to clicking through the web page interface.

Using the Sequel Pro sql client I was able to see a list of all the sites and their settings on one page and make edits, such as replacing the site name values with the domain names.