How to incorporate Matomo in my eCommerce site?

Just discovered Piwik/Matomo…
I run an eCommerce platform and want to use Matomo to track and analysis my site. I plan to have a new [Analytics] tab in my admin panel.

Now what is the best way of doing that?
Do I run a separate instance of Matomo in another (virtual) server and use <iframe> tag?
Or can I via SDK build the same interface/applets in my site WITHOUT running a separate instance of Matomo?
Or a mixture of both?

/confused newbie…


Do I understand you correctly that you want to show the Matomo stats in the Admin interface of your shop software?

In that case both ways are possible.
You can embed the widgets as iFrames (see here for more information) or you could fetch the data (e.g. as JSON) and build your own visualizations out of it.

But in both cases you need to have a Matomo instance as it saves the data and generates the reports (but it doesn’t have to be on another server).

Is it possible to do the same without running a separate instance?
i.e. running the required Matomo processes in my eCommerce instance?


You need to setup a Matomo instance where the data is sent to.
But you can just extract it in a subdirectory (yourshop.example/matomo/) and use the same MySQL database.