How to import ga:productBrand to Matomo?

We are completely new to Matomo and are trying to import years of tons of data from UA, then later GA4. I get the message that brand can’t be imported. Is there a way to import both visitor and sales data for product brand?

Because if not, that’s actually a complete dealbreaker. If you run a large store, you need to be able to break down sales by brand. And product category, actually.

Can any kind souls help me here? :slight_smile:

WARNING [2023-09-20 12:46:42] 61852 Unable to import the ‘Brand’ custom dimension: unsupported scope, “PRODUCT”. is the error.

Is there no one with a similar problem? One would not think that “product brand” would be such an uncommon thing to need in reports.

Maybe @innocraft has an idea?

We’ve finally imported years of data. Only took a month :wink:

But we are missing the crucial “product brand” associated with our sales. I really don’t understand how to get it to import. It also did not import anything for “product category” even though that is listed in Matomo after importing.

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