How to have admin Dashboard into a different sub-folder than the public JS include?

(More Spinach) #1

Hello. I have a self-hosted version of Matomo. Love this tool FAR more than GA etc. Problem: the tool is installed in a subfolder called /stats. So the JS is included in my website from

For the actual dashboard which I’d like to be open only to me, I would prefer (as per web best practices) to have this in a subfolder. Something like This way I could create the right kind of server security for the dashboard folder which is only for me. The regular stats folder can be open to public as it naturally needs to pick up the traffic from public.

However, in default self-hosted Piwik, it seems the admin dashboard is right in the same folder as the one from which the public tags are served! Anything I’m missing? How can I segregate the admin dashboard from the tracker script?

Searched the FAQ, didn’t find anything.

Many thanks.

(More Spinach) #2

I have currently set up a specific httpd passwd on the file /stats/index.php, which allows usual Matomo /stats/matomo.php etc to work as usual in public domain. But the dashboard which is in index.php is now password and IP protected. Is there any risk to this?