How to group mail referents?

When I check my external referents i got a lot of differents
for example.

Is there a way to “group” all in 1 line, or not to reference them ?

I does not have problem to “customize” piwik source code if someone guides me and tell me where doing the modification in the php code.

That’s a good suggestion, I also would like to do that.

can you please find a list online of all mail providers you would like to merge ? we could create a new category “Mail providers” to group them all. Please, open a ticket for this feature request

I didn’t find a list, but I can give you MY list. At least, to begin !

Note that httpS sites do not send referer, so i.e. gmail and hotmail will not be refered.


Thanks for the suggestion, I creatd a ticket at Aggregate webmail referrers together · Issue #3479 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub