How to get visitors data for a whole subsection of a website?

Hi, I’m pretty new to Matomo and web analytics in general and I don’t know the correct terminology, so I’ll try to provide an example to explain what I mean.

Let’s say on a website I have a section called “SectionA” with 4 subsections.
You would expect urls to be something like:

Now to get visitors data concerning all the traffic happening within SectionA of my website, I would simply need to filter Matomo behaviour data for /SectionA/ and that’s it, problem solved, right?
But let’s say the url of my website use a different structure. Logically, from the point of view of the user, I have a “SectionA” of my website which seems to have 4 subsections, but the urls are:

In this scenario I cannot filter visitors data using /SectionA/ because that part no longer appears in the url of its de facto subsections.
If I were to filter data for /SectionA/ I would get data related only to the /SectionA/ page itself, and not for all its subsections.

Supposing I’m right so far, is there any way to get detailed whole section visitors data in Matomo?
Thanks for your time reading this.