How to get visitors city in email report

I added geoip plugin to get the visitors city. i got the city. but in my email report the city and the region field is unknown. How to fix this problem. anyone can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps attach a example report. What version of piwik? what are the server specs?

Piwik Version: 1.9.2
Php Version : 5.3.6

ok what version of geoip plugin?

Did you install the correct dat file and rename?

Is there any error logs you can show to see if it helps find the error?

Geoip Version: 0.17.

I got the above version info in GeoIp.php file.
I downloaded the geoip and GeoLiteCity.dat from the below link.

i didnt done any renaming process. and i dont know where i have to check the error log file.