How to get the number unique visitors per subtable?

tl;tr How can I get the number of unique visitors per subtable?

I have the following subtable H1E07tXQ. I can see that value of unique pageviews is the sum of unique pageviews of subpages. Make sense. I know that in my example those pageviews were made by one unique visitor. So the number of unique visitors per H1E07tXQ is 1. How can Piwik show me this information without me figuring it out on my own. How can I get that information of unique visitors per subtable programmatically?


it’s not currently possible to get unique visitors per sub-table programatically. Please feel free to leave a comment in related issue where we discuss this: Actions/Pages: Unique pageviews shouldn’t be summed up in hierarchical view · Issue #10127 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub