How to get recently viewed pages in motomo

Hi all i am very new to motomo,i want to display recently viewed pages in website,please any one can provide query.

below each report you have the possibility to export the data of a reports via an API.
Just scroll down a report and hover on the left side and a couple of symbols will show up.

A different option is to embed a report into a website. On Embedding Matomo Reports in Other Websites or Apps User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo you will find more information about this option.


Hi Peter,
want to display recently viewed pages please any one can help me how to get by using API .below exapmle as reference.

Hi Uma,

you manipulate the API url so you can export for example the top 10 recently viewed pages of yesterday. Underneath you see an example.


On you can find a lot of options how to create the API-call for your question.


Hi Peter, thanks for your information,i know motomo api to get top 10 pages buy my required answer not shown any where in the api …similar to like this …for this one i am working for api call…i did not find.