How to get insights of Goals, Heatmap and session recordings through API?

Hi Matomo community,
I am using following API to get all type of insights, but goals, heatmap and session recordings related information is not available in this API.

I also have visited following URL but there is no API available under the Goals section which can be used to get goals conversion or other analytical information related to goals.

Can anyone please guide me in this regard?
Best Regards!
Hafiz Naser Aslam


Have you tried using the :export: export icon below the report with the data you are looking for? It should always point you to the correct API endpoint.

Hi @Lukas ,
Yes, you are right it shows following API URL.

But is it possible to add segment in the above API ? I want to get the goals converted by each individual visitor by using visitorsID as segment. Is it possible ? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I also want to get my goal metrics via API, but I am using Matomo for Wordpress. Can you help me to get the metrics?

I tried

It is not working

@matthieu Can you help us?