How to get campaign value

(a_iwasaki) #1


I am sorry English …unskilled…
I began to use Piwik in full scale for one month.
And, there is a problem of not solving it by one though I want to be coordinated with the Perl program that I made.

I want to acquire (piwik_log_visit table) campaign_name and campaign_keywd for piwik to have cookie information on the user who is visiting now in the key in the Perl program.

Isn’t there method of enabling this?

(vipsoft) #2

I don’t believe ticket 819 is related to what you’re asking for…

AFAIK there doesn’t exist a PHP to Perl connector, so your Perl script wouldn’t be able to use a Piwik hook directly if what you’re looking for is live data.

Whatever route, you have to start by creating a plugin that hooks into the tracker. From there, you can either choose to execute your perl script (see or convert your perl script to PHP, so it runs natively in the PHP environment.