How to get a simple translated report from the REST API


Hi all,

I’d like to display a simple Referrers.getReferrerType report view on a page.

By view I mean that I do not want an interactive widget (so using Widgetize is out of the question) but just a html table with translated labels.

By calling a direct API.get with the parameters


I get back a table (which by the way does not contain the segment value – which should be “direct visitors” in my case – with the metrics IDs as column heads; ie. nb_uniq_visitors, nb_visits, nb_users…)

if I call thuis Url instead:


I get back a pretty html doc but with all html documentation and widget controls.

Is there a way and with which parameters to get only the data table with french contents but without all the documentation and icons ?

Thanks in advance.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Salut Max,

Yes it’s possible. See the new parameter:


Example URL;