How to generate following Custom Report?

We want to generate the following custom report.

Events Page URL:


Each of our events has a unique number (like above 866773)

we would like to know for each event number the

  • Number of unique visitors who visit the landing page
  • Number of unique visitors who completed a booking (got to confirmation page)
  • % conversion rate (complete divided by visit landing page).

For 2nd task i.e., Number of visitors who completed a booking, we have a goal with goal ID 2.
I attempted to generate the following report with the name as conversionRate. I generated it with the report type as Table, Dimensions as Page URL, Add Visits and Unique Visitors in Metrics, and in the filter section I applied the following two filters with AND operator. Page URL contains /events/landing/ AND Visit converted a specific Goal Id is 2. The full screenshot is also attached below.

From the above report the conversion rate is very less and also the number of visitors and unique visitors are very close to each other. Why is it so? Secondly, is this a correct way to generate this report? Thirdly, how can I find the conversion rate i.e., visitors converted divided by visitors visit the events or landing page.

Anyone please reply fast. Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation!

Hi Naser Aslam,
Sorry for the delay.
It seems it has been solved there: