How to fix "Piwik 1 is available" message and failing auto update?

There was a bug in 0.6.2

The orange Piwik message shows “Piwik 1 is available” message: Users affected are running PHP 5.2.0 (and above) with either safe_mode enabled or open_basedir set, and using the curl extension.

You can patch your existing Piwik installation manually since the “one-click” update would fail in this case. We recommend that affected 0.6.2 users replace piwik/core/Http.php with the new version [/url] at [url=]

Note: You may have to wait up to 8 hrs for the cached version number to update.


I updated by accident, and my update failed because I don’t seem to have php 5.2.0
Now I downloaded the above attached php file and uploaded it in the core folder.
But there was no exsting Http.php file in the folder that coul have been replaced… Do I have to remember something else to get my piwik working again?

Thanks for any help!


I made a manual update. Now everything is working again! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif