How to export / import configuration settings of Wordpress plugin?

It would be really helpful if there would be an export / import option for a Wordpress plugin configuration file, so one can easily copy the settings from one website to another, instead of having to go through all the options and configure them manually.

Cheers, created Export / import configuration settings of Wordpress plugin · Issue #70 · matomo-org/wp-matomo · GitHub
Be indeed useful to have. I assume you manage a few different WordPress installations?

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Hi Thomas, many thanks! I do indeed manage a few (15+) different WP installations. 5 or 6 of them are part of a multisite, the rest are independent sites.

Thank you very much! I need it to my web :slight_smile:

i have been very thankful for providing the solution, it worked but one of my site runs on multi WP installations, my plugin for login don’t work right. what should i do? please help with a solution.