How to export chanel traffic per day

Dear matomo experts,

i am currently working on a marketing report based on Matomo data which I import in Google sheets in order to use it in google looker.
Currently I am only able to export sessions per day. However I need to split it down to the marketing channels like direct, organic, cpc, social. So the export would look like

date, chanel, session, conversion
1.1.2023, cpc, 42, 1
2.1.2023, cpc 23 , 0
1.1.2023, direct, 100, 3
1.1.2023, organic, 40, 1

I hope you get what I mean.
In the chanel report unfortunately it is only possible to export a fixed date range but not the single dates.
Would highly appreciate any feedback on a solution.

Many thanks in advance