How to export all visitor/tracking/history data?


I’m new to Piwik and all this web administration stuff overall, but what I’m looking for help is in exporting everything related to visits and visitors to a Piwik site. My strengths lie in analytics, so I’d like to take all raw data into powerpivot, or even Qlikview. Hopefully I could schedule this export as well. I don’t really care how raw the data is, as anything that comes in tables and/or is even passably decently named, is easy to sort out in these programs. I’d rather not have any premade reports, partial exports or anything like that, since I like to have some freedom in handling data.

Does anyone already do something like this, or do you know of any guides to this direction? Any help would be greatly appriciated! If the data is decent, I might do my thesis on buildling analytics around it, so perhaps one day that might be interesting for admins (and marketers) out there!

You could link your tools to the Mysql database and this should work. You can find a guide on the DB at: Database schema: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

HI Oddkan, I am trying to establish exactly what you were trying 3 years ago… Did you end up building the environment yourself? Connecting the tables, figuring our how it all works? Please be in touch. Thanks, Sandra