How to enable the 'local mail function'


I am running matomo 3.13.4.
I would like to enable the local-mail function, where do I do that ?
if it is possible, I would like to avoid using an external server.

So when I do create the ‘Personal Email Reports’ I get this error:

An error occurred while sending 'HTML Email Report 
- 2.2020-05-23,2020-05-29.2.en - CpmdVFjbyr8TE1I17wHjTbntSnplSjSYOXeQxflk.html' 
to Error was 'Unable to send mail. '

best, i


You can send a test-email via ./console core:test-email

If this also works, either there is an issue in your E-Mail setup (so either try to change the PHP config or use SMTP to connect to the mailserver) or the ancient PHP library Matomo uses for sending mails has one more bug.

In Matomo 4 it will be replaced with the phpmailer library which should be far more reliable and give proper helpful error messages.