How to enable the Demo module in Piwik

I have installed Piwik on my server but somehow i am not able to access the Demo site like on

What i am doing wrong?
Looked at all availble Plugins to see if i can activate it but did not found the Demo Module Plugin.

Any Suggestion how to solve this Problem ?

Thanks in advance for any Sugesstion.

I’m not sure to understand your problem right. But, if you want to provide anonymous access to a particular website, as it is done in, you have to enable “Anonymous access” to the specific website you track under menu : Parameters → Users → Drop down list for website then set “Read” for user “Anonymous”.

The demo plugin is only a sample pllugin to help understanding how to build plugins.

If you want to generate visits, you can use the plugin “VisitorGenerator” .

I hope this will help you.