How to enable automatic update?

Hi, the docs state “If your web server has the right permission to download Piwik automatically, you can use the one click upgrade and update your Piwik in 10 seconds… and one click!”

Good, but the main information and question: “What do I need to do that my web server has the right permission?” is not answered anywhere.

Hence, how do I enable this feature?

With respect to the next release (0.5), automatic updates are … automatic. There’s no “enable” switch.

As I recall, minimum requirements are: a firewall that permits the web server to initiate an outgoing connection (to see if there’s a new version and to later download, zlib extension, and one of the following: socket extension enabled, curl extension enabled, or allow_url=On.

Incidental requirements include sufficient disk space to extract the new distro, permissions to overwrite files, sufficient SQL privileges (e.g., ALTER INDEX), etc.