How to do If I don't want to make Visitor ID from hashed User ID

As I know with Piwik document as below,
**User ID will be converted (hashed) into a Visitor ID hexadecimal string. **
The hashed User ID becomes the Visitor ID

But, I don’t want to the hashed User ID becomes Visitor ID, even though there was set User ID.
please let me know any idea…

thank you so much…

Hi there,

What is your use case? what is the problem when hashing user id to make visitor id?

Thank you for your reply…

Actually, I would like to know that conversion made from member or non-member, i don’t care of specific user id.
I set setUserId(‘Y’) in the script of conversion page.
after conversion, all user have the same visitor id.

so, i would like to clear the id cookie when user visit my site again.

thank you for your help…

please remove this from your code and it should work automatically

Yes, I already removed it.

so, I need to wait, right?

Thanks for your help