How to delete specific month of log data after import from GA


W’ve been migrating a large e-commerce site from Piwik to GA using the script. I know its no longer supported as of a few weeks ago but there is currently no other tool and the business requires this historical data. We’re importing 5 years of data and so far we’ve had many issues with the script hanging on days with a high spike in traffic (i.e. 500k visits) and other general bugs however we’re slowly progressing by importing the data one month at a time and then verifying everything.

However our most recent import for Dec-2012 has the number of visits doubled in Piwik. We’re not sure how that happened but we need to delete the data from the database and re-import it. We’ve looked at the tables but are not sure exactly how to delete this data. Can anyone give us a sql statement to delete a specific month’s data?


Will the queries below work assuming the month with the duplicates is Dec 2012? We would really prefer not to have to start from scratch as we have already imported 2 years of data which has taken a few days.

delete from piwik_log_visit where visit_last_action_time LIKE '2012-12-01%';
delete from piwik_log_link_visit_action where server_time LIKE '2012-12-01%';

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Is this something we need to get paid support to answer?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

yes you can safely delete the erroneous data from the piwik_log* tables