How to delete files

My volume is full. Not sure if it is due to cache or logs.
How to find and delete?


That completely depends on how you set up Matomo, which OS you are using, etc.

We are currently Using Ubuntu

In this case you can run du -h to see the size of all files in the current directory or ncdu (you might have to install it) for a interactive display of the used disk space.

Yes I have done that and only 1.3GB space is available, but what should be deleted. I am not sure.

Piwik.log is taking around 3.7GB, is it safe to delete @Lukas ?


Yes, if you don’t need the logs, you can delete it.

But before you should check if you didn’t accidently set the logging to too verbose value: (it should be WARN)

If it is set correctly, you should probably check which error is occuring that often.

These are my log configuration @Lukas

The below
log_level = DEBUG
overwrites the
log_level =WARN
and causes Matomo to write a ton of output for every request. You can just remove the debug line and everything will be back to normal.