How to create Goals


I need to create goals for on click on button so how can I create it.

Please visit the following post to learn how to create and use Goals and their conversions and if you already have read it then ask the question with specific problem. Regards!

How to create a goal for send an event trigger.

Hi there,
I am not sure what you would like to achieve but from what I understood it is about goal and triggers.
So go to Matomo and create a manual goal. That’s the most important part.
Then create a matomo tag where the type is goal and then associate the trigger you want, you will then have a goal achieved everytime the trigger…triggered.
To be honest with you this is a great idea. Congrats.

Here is what I was talking about

How to create the dashboard on our server as you have created in your local system using the Piwik

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