How to count users | visitors in Matomo?

Note to admins first: Please remove my previous question, it was bad (How to count users? idvisitor, visitorId columns not in log_visit table)

Count website visitors for time range X

Count distinct matomo_log_visit.idvisitor for time range X

The visualization tool I must use is Power BI. It does not understand binary. matomo_log_visit.idvisitor is binary.

What other options are there for counting users | visitors in Matomo?

Thank you.

So I know nothing about Power BI. But if you go into the mysql CLI you can start it up with the --binary-as-hex option which converts the binary data into hex. Is that an option?
I’m interested in finding out how you solve this issue because it may be relevant to me as well. Although I’m strictly command-line and Google sheets.

start it up with the --binary-as-hex option

The DB starts automatically via systemctl. Is there an equivalent of this command to append to the server.cnf file?

--binary-as-hex is an option of the mysql client, not the server.