How to consistently send and retrieve information

Hi there,

I am having a few problems getting Piwik to deliver and record results consistently.

I am using jQuery Mobile but have this working so that it saves results according to the and this is recording results fine. When I had it recording by setting the url that ended up creating loads of ‘sub folders’ for results- but only when users accessed pages via a jQm link. If they go to the page directly it stores data by title so you end up with multiple results for the same page. So it seems that using Title works best.

But now I have a problem getting the data back out again into widgets and image graphs.

Everything is fine until I have a title like this:-
PR & Marketing Packages | iCan Develop
then it doesn’t work when I use code like the following:-

<img src=" & Marketing Packages | iCan Develop&width=400&height=150" alt="Click to view full stats for this page" title="Click to view full stats for this page">

I have tried url encoding the pageTitle but that does not get the correct results either.

Any ideas how I can send the page name to PiWik so that it is the same as it gets sent when the tracker logs the activity?

Thanks in advance :wink: