How to conrtrol Matomo Tag Manager Container JavaScript file?

I am a developer using Matomo Tag Manager.

Every time I add a new tag and “publish” it seems that the “/piwik/js/container_000.js” file is overwritten with the updates.

I want to plant the code I want in the overwritten part.

It seemed to me that “/piwik/js/container_000.js” is being created based on the “/piwik/js/piwik.js” file.

So I planted the code I wanted in the “/piwik/js/piwik.js” file ( function name is sendPostRequestViaSendBeacon() ),
but it was not added to “/piwik/js/container_000.js” when tag manager is published.

May I know how I can control the container_000.js file?

Hi @bestMover, does this plugin meet your needs?