How to compare audiences in Matomo

Is there a way to see how, e.g. visitors from one campaign differ from visitors from another campaign or from organic search? GA allows me to compare segments in one graph, e.g. goal completions. How does that work in Matomo?

Hi @DanielHug
You can create segments on 2 different origins and then compare the 2 segments.
But in my opinion if you need to compare all visitors origins, the best solution is the use of Custom Reports premium plugin:

Hi @heurteph-ei
I don’t know how you get there. I can compare different segments in custom reports, but not as a graph, only as a table.
How do you compare segments?
I am looking for something like this:

In your case, you have 2 segments (direct traffic / paid traffic).
Then you can:

  1. Create these segments.
  2. After the data have been processed, select one segment
  3. Use the comparison button image in the segment tool
  4. Enjoy the segment comparison on each report of Matomo

Note: you can compare more than 2 segments…


(don’t forget to change the display period on the graph with image button)

Thanks a lot!

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