How to combine referral websites into one?

Matomo is reporting two referral websites for me - and separately. How can I combine the two together, since they are semantically the same?

Ping, is this possible to do?

Hi @vadi2,
If you use the same tracking code, you’ll be able to track both sites in the same “measurable” in Matomo point of view.
Don’t forget to adjust the measurable settings:

  • URLs list,
  • Only track visits and actions when the action URL starts with one of the above URLs checkbox


These are not my websites, these are referral websites. I cannot place tracking code onto them.

oh, sorry, I missed some details in your question :wink:
If your referral website can be considered as social network or search engine, you can manage this with the Referrers manager plugin:

or have a look at:

If not, I think the only solution is either ask for a new feature in Matomo GitHub repo or develop your own plugin to manage referrers…