How to browse info by subdomains


I need to track all subdomains and browse by sumdomains ,for example , I track and I want to know the visits of and * . How to solve the problem ,
Thanks for your reply !

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please see the Faq: How do I track several websites, domains and multiple subdomains in Piwik?


Thanks for your notice , I have read that FAQ , but I think it just tell how to track rather than how to browse by the dashboard . I want to view visitors , unique visitors ,visits etc by subdomains and the main domain as well. Is there some solution ?

(vipsoft) #4

You mean segment by sudomain?


You mean segment by sudomain?[/quote]
Yeah , that 's exactly what I want , sorry for my poor english …

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

From the Manage Websites documentation:

Page title containing the domain name — by default, Piwik does not report the domain name in the Pages reports.For example, two page views on and are reported under the same ‘index.html’ page title in Piwik. You can easily customize Piwik to prefix the domain name in the page title.