How to allow members to setup there own profiles?

I know this has probably been asked a million times but I did not see a search option on the forums board. I would like to make it so that my clients can sign up and create accounts on my analytics website. Is there a plugin that I can install which will add this feature OR is there another way to do this with Piwik?

Someone already built a plugin for that - it’s not official though: GitHub - eristoddle/PiwikSignupPlugin: Plugin that allows users to sign up for an account in your Piwik installation.

Is it easy to install the plugins?

I haven’t tried out the plugin, but usually you just extract the plugin into the plugins/ folder of your Piwik installation and activate it under Settings -> Plugins.

@Fabian Becker thank you for the fast answer.

Hey Karsten

Have you tried the plugin and is it good??