How to add ip addresses range to GeoIPCity.dat

Hi, i want to add some ip addresses range to GeoIPCity.dat…because of this database it’s not compelete for my country
and i dont know why…they just have ip from one city from my country…how to i could add ip addresses to GeoIPCity.dat?..Or do i have another way to add to piwik code for understand where my visitor really come from?..

I too would like to know how to create your own GeoIPCity,dat file

This is also a feature that would be very helpful for our intranet logs for tracking individual departments by ip range. The ability to create a custom range of IP addresses and corresponding geo data that would take precedence over GeoIP.dat would be ideal. Also would be great to be able to incorporate this into geoipupdate.php to process logs already in database.