How long until statistics show?


I have a self hosted piwik install on a plenty powerful VPS. Everything went very smooth during setup/installation. It is monitoring a wordpress site and I had the plugin configured and installed. I will admit it had quite a few options… After a few hours with no statistics yet I thought maybe I had set up the wordpress plugin wrong. I deactivated and deleted the plugin and just copy/pasted the code manually. There it is, before the tag and still, no statistics. I am worried I have something misconfigured but I can’t seem to find what it can be after really looking into it. Do I just wait a few days? I don’t see any error messages.

OR! Maybe I just have no visitors LOL! But, thats impossible, we have a very busy site.


I think I am getting somwhere. My website is HTTPS. The server I have piwik installed on is not. However, my host is saying in order for piwik to track an https site, it will need to be on a HTTPS url.

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Hi there,

Correct, please see: Does the Piwik Tracking tag work on https (SSL) pages? - Analytics Platform - Matomo