How long should it take to load reports for 14 sites <3k visits?

I’ve recently set up auto archiving and also told Maotomo not to archive on browser load. I’ve set " Archive reports at most every X seconds" to hourly. But it’s still taking a good 15-20 secs to load the initial reports. I’ve 14 sites in my installation, with normally max 3k visits per report between them. It’s no faster than when reports were archived on browser loading of the page.

Is this normal? I was expecting it to be much faster.

Just as one random point of reference.
The “Operating System versions” report on Visitors → Software (so /index.php?date=today&module=DevicesDetection&format=html&action=getOsVersions&idSite=2&period=year&segment=&widget=&showtitle=1&random=8522) for 2022 on my largest site (4k visits) takes 300-500ms (there is quite some random scatter).

If the cronjob is running currently and no browser archiving is enabled, everything should load reasonably fast all the time unless you use custom date ranges (as there are no reports for them created yet)

Maybe look through this list for inspiration:

Nailed it! I had a custom period set. Thanks for the heads up on that.

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