How is the "Ecommerce Orders conversion rate" calulated?


I’ve a webshop with let’s say 1000 visits which gained 18 orders on one day. Matomo tells me that this makes my Ecommerce Orders conversion rate 0,6%. I’m not sure where this number comes from.

On the Ecommerce Overview-page, I get the information:
18 Ecommerce Orders (6 visits)
So it seems the “0,6%” is the “6 visits” divided by “1000 visits”. Correct?

But where do the “6 visits” come from? The 18 orders are from completly different people, so shouldn’t it be:
18 Ecommerce Orders (18 visits)
with a Ecommerce Orders conversion rate of 1,8%.

Could someone explain this to me please?

Hi @Cangoou
Can you check (for example thanks to a segment based on the e-commerce order), that you got 18 visits that put an order in the visits log?

Hi Philippe, thanks for your reply. It seems we got only 6 Visits there, it seems the way we are reporting the ecommerce-orders to matomo doesn’t work correctly. Thanks for putting me in the right direction, I think I will open another topic for that.