How do track bottom page (goal)


How to track the bottom of the page and make it a goal? (for detect 100% scrolling)

Content tracking ( Content Tracking - Analytics Platform - Piwik ) : Ok, but… make it a goal, i don’t know. A solution please ?

Hi, the easiest way is probably using event tracking:

Write some javascript that executes _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'name_of_category', 'name_of_action']); when the user has scrolled down.

Then you can create a goal which is activated when a user has this event.

In Piwik JavaScript Tracking Code :
_paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Lecture', '100%']);

In bottom Page :
<script>trackEvent(category, action, [Lecture], [100%])</script>

But, active goal on top page…


you’ll need to add your own code that detects when the user has scrolled to the end and only then tracks the event:

Similar to this one:

window.onscroll = function(ev) {
    if ((window.innerHeight + window.scrollY) >= document.body.offsetHeight) {
           _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Lecture', '100%']);

I can’t guarantee that this code will work in all browsers, won’t decrease scroll performance and won’t track multiple times on the same page. You’ll need to write your own code that detects what you wan’t and then executes _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Lecture', '100%']); to send it to piwik,

I understand.

Note: the script does not work.

Analyzing the scrolling depth of the pages is ESSENTIAL in Web Analytics and Marketing. It’s not an option, it’s essential. Piwik should integrate this natively, it’s urgent. With Google Tag Management + Google Analytics, it takes 30 seconds to do more than that. There are about 10 days trial period of Piwik Cloud and, if I can not find a solution, I will not continue JUST for that. It’s a shame because Innocraft could have won a paying customer.


You are writing on the forum of the open source, self hosted software Piwik, so I assumed you wanted to build your own tracking on top of Piwik.

If you don’t (and I assume as you are using Innocraft Cloud) you could simply use the Heatmap and Sessions Recoding Pemium Plugin as it supports tracking the scroll position of every user and many things more.

I I am not mistaken this plugin is already included in the business innocraft cloud plan. If you are using another plan contact them, they can definitely help you.

Thanks Lukas:wink:

Note : the Heatmap and Sessions Recoding Pemium Plugin is GREAT… but… does not allow to automatically define objectives in the analyzes.

does not allow to automatically define objectives in the analyzes.

What exactly to you mean with objectives? Could you give some examples what you would like to be able to do?
We might consider including it in a future version of the plugin.

Goals. With Scroll Depth Reporting in Piwik Analytics.

For example : How to Track & Analyze Scroll Depth in Google Analytics

Do you see the idea?

Note : Heatmap and Sessions Recoding Pemium Plugin is better (much better !) than Crazy Egg’s scrollmap feature or ClickTale’s scroll reach heatmaps ! Good job!

Hi @DM13

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve created a new ticket in: Ability to track page scrolls, and create goals based on how far users scroll down the page · Issue #12243 · piwik/piwik · GitHub