How do I include keyword-plug-in results in monthly reports

I would like to see the results of the SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance-plugin (which keywords were used) in my monthly report. But the text in the report shows that no data is available.

When I look at the results online, however, plenty of keywords have been used and are shown in Matomo. But they are not included in the monthly report. What do I have to do?
Any help is apprecitated.

Hi there,

We have checked and in our test the report is generating fine and showing values.

  1. When your report was empty, were all other reports for the month showing correct data and only “Combined keywords” was empty?

  2. Are all other referrers reports showing values?

Maybe you can try again to go to Settings > Email reports, and select the previous month, or week, in the calendar, and generate the report again. Could you maybe attach it here?

Looking forward to resolving the issue, thanks,

Dear Matthieu!
Thank you for your prompt reply. I have checked again and noticed that the time span I had originally entered into Matomo for evaluation had changed back to one day only when I went into the settings for the monthly report. I have entered the correct time span again and now everything works just fine. My mistake!
Thanks again and best regards