How do i get piwik's url, Site ID , Authentication token confi-> users?


So I setup piwik and when I went ahead to install the plugin to my forum, it asked for the following:

But when i go to my piwik page it just gives me a code…how do i get the information needed by the plugin in my forum?

Just to check, have you integrated the Piwik tracking code to the code in you forum, typically by inserting the javascript in the code of a file that contains HEAD tags? There are other ways, but I need to know that the Piwik Tracking Javascript is included in you forum code?

I don’t have to do that as the plugin i installed into my forum does it for me, but for it to do so, it needs the credentials shown in in the picture above…so my question is, where can I get those?

it also states in the piwik page that contains the javascript “In most websites, blogs, CMS, etc. you can use a pre-made plugin to do the technical work for you.”

While using pre-made plugins may be an easy and efficient way, you will have to ask the author of that plugin for support, instead of Piwik. If you put something on your site that you do not really know what it does and it asks for things that you do not find in Piwik… no one knows but the plugin author.

Having said that, Piwik will give you the information needed to track the visitors on you site, that code does not contain an Unique ID or any kind of code in any kind of alphanumerical combination like “EvtwIRC830FMjj4bG4jgclliAUJ4D” or something like that. It will count the visits based on the factual URL of the target site, as it has been entered in the Piwik setup. So you need, basically two things: the URL of the target site and the URL of where you have Piwik.

At least that is what I see in the Javascript I have implemented on my sites, among other code.

You do mention a code, so are you using Piwik from this, the central site, or from any kind of own hosting? Because it could be that if you use Piwik from, the Cloud solution, it may very well give you some kind of code you must use, but still, you end up having to ask the plugin author or reading up on his/hers site on how this works. I do not use the Cloud solution, so I do not really know, always preferred to run my own stuff on my own servers/hosts.