How do I get any data on my site?


I installed PIWIK on my website ( on the 17th January, but it still shows no data. My counter shows many daily hits. How do I get PIWIK to show me anything?

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(Matthieu Napoli) #2

Did you add the tracker code (the Javascript code) inside your website HTML?



Thank you for your suggestion. It might seem a dumb question, but where would I find the tracker code?



(Matthieu Napoli) #4

I can’t find a FAQ for this, but it should have been explained when you installed Piwik:

  • you add your website in Piwik
  • Piwik shows you a Javascript tracker code
  • you copy and past that Javascript code inside your website

To find your tracking code now go in the settings of Piwik, then in “Sites” and in the table click “Show the code” for your website.

It should all be explained then.



I think you’ve found the answer for me – at last!

I’ve added the code to each page of my site and PIWIK is actually showing some hits! I wish my host provider ( had told me about that some three weeks ago. They installed PIWIK for me but failed to activate it or tell me how to do so. That was when there was loads of activity on this new site.

Anyway, I’m most grateful to you for helping me. First class! Thank you. You are a star!

Lorimer Burn

(Matthieu Napoli) #6

Ah indeed they missed one of the most important part of the setup :wink:

Glad to know it works.


It was happen with me also, I tried to install piwik but it wasn’t working. It shows me zero stats, I checked its code again & again but still the result was same. Now I’m working with Gostats & it shows stats in a real time.