How do I get a personal authentification token and find Piwik URL?

I just installed Piwik as a plugin on my Wordpress files. When I went into the settings, it is asking for my Piwik ULR and a personal authentification token. I am not sure what either of those two are. I’d love any advice on finding this info.

Thanks in advance!

First you must install piwik: Installing Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Then you will have a URL where your piwik is installed ie.

Then you will be able to get your token_auth in the “API” section: General - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Then you will be able to get your token_auth in the “API” section: General - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I’m in the same situation as Joanne. Just installed piwik on first site, now trying to setup a wp piwik plugin in my wordpress site.

If you look carefully into your answer, Matt, you will see that you refer to section FAQ 114 which states:

" You can find the token_auth by logging in Piwik, then go the page “API” by clicking on the link in the top of the screen."

Unfortunately, at this point, a new user has NEVER “logged in Piwik” and she may have no idea where to “log in Piwik”. It was NEVER discussed during the installation!?

What is the url to log in to Piwik?? This could be added into FAQ 114 or here directly, or at the end of the installation video. Or in all three places!

Just goes to show how newbies “think differently” :wink:

Thank you!

Ok, I will answer my own question.

The login to Piwik is at or wherever your piwik installation is. IF this shows no login prompt, but instead shows the installation prompt, that means that for one reason or another, your Piwik installation was not complete. You need to proceed with the installation again.

In my case, as soon as I got the javascript code 90% into the installation, I copied that and went on to install it on the blog pages, neglecting to press Next to finalize the installation.

That was why the did not show a login but instead wanted me to install. Re-installation was relatively easy though although tedious.

Piwik would save new users a lot of grief if they would put a note like “You are not finished yet. You must click ““Next”” to finalize the installation” or something like that on the page where the javascript is displayed.

Piwik authentification token howto find it thank you.

@43man see What is the token_auth and where can I find this token to use in the API calls? - Analytics Platform - Matomo