How do I find informations about pages in Piwik?


I’m new to Piwik (version 1.5.1), but have some professional experience in web analytics.

I’ve decided to experiment Piwiki Analytics on my blog, but I have some doubts on how to use it. I could find how to get important information on a specific page from the blog, instead of the whole blog

  • Keywords users used to get to that page, and number of visits per keyword
  • External refers users used to get there and number of visits per refer
  • Most popular previous and next pages to the page I have selected (in my blog)
  • A graph with pageviews for that page in the selected period
  • A graph with bounce rate for that page in the selected period

I need this information to start optimizing pages and reduce bounce rate.



it’s a mix of feature requests:
Segmentation: implement UI for adding/editing segments, and switching segments · Issue #2135 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub for segmenting reports only for a given entry page
Row Evolution: historical view of one or many specific rows in all Piwik reports! · Issue #534 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub for history graph

Hi Matt.

Thanks for answering and for helping in Piwik’s improvement.

I’ve grouped this requests in one e-mail because online marketeers use that information in basic page improvements.

  • We look at landing pages with many entering visits and a high bounce rate and try to discover why. Maybe the page does not meet visitors expectations. And then we fix them.
  • We look at pages with great conversion rates but not many visits and try to improve them. Maybe they just need more traffic?
  • We relate pages with websites refers.

This analysis/improvement is more effective when the analyst can examine all the details about a single page to understand traffic and how metrics are evolving with each test/improvement.

I don’t see a relation of the features above with user segmentation. My understanding of segmentation is to chose only users that meet a specific criteria like “show only data from visits with more than 3 pages per visit” or “show only data from visits from Portugal” or “show only data from visits that have converted in goal 2 but exclude anyone that view more than 4 pages”.

Once again thanks for your help.


You probably need more: Row Evolution: historical view of one or many specific rows in all Piwik reports! · Issue #534 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub -> graph for each page view

if you are a designer or know a good interface designer, this ticket is pending a good UI / mockup and I could do the coding then :slight_smile:

I work as a web producer and online marketing technician.

I can do some wireframes on what would be desirable as an interface for this feature, and post them here as a proposal to be criticized by the community. As for final design, I suggest consistency with the actual Piwik’s interface.

Would that help?

Sure if you have any idea on how to integrate the graphs nicely in the UI, because wee currently don’t display graphs on all pages. For example, what is the UI and process when you wish to see the evolution of the keyword “hotel london” in your list of keywords, reusing current Piwik design. Please post your thoughts and wireframes or mockups in the ticket at: Row Evolution: historical view of one or many specific rows in all Piwik reports! · Issue #534 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

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