How do email reports work?


First off… I love piwik and have been using it for years!!

I recently became interested in the email reports, but am very confused. When I select daily then does it send a report for yesterday. And when I send a weekly report on Mondays then does it send a report for the week before? Same with monthly, does it send out a report of the month before?

I made an email schedule and set to weekly, but when I click send now or download I get a report for whatever date range I have selected in the dashboard. Do I have to set a date range in the dashboard then creat and schedule an email report?

I want a report to be sent every monday displaying the report for the Sunday through Sunday before. Is this possible? How do I set it to send that?

Will there ever be any implementation where we can set a date range to be sent? Like choose to send a report weekly, but have it include the past two weeks, so it’s easier to compare last week’s with the week before that?

Maybe I am just not understanding the email reports right, but thank you ahead of time for any explanations!!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

When you click “Download” or “Send now” the reports will be sent for the Date currently selected in the calendar. However when reports are sent automatically Daily/Weekly/Monthly, the reports will automatically be sent for the previous Day/Week/Month respectively.


OK great! thanks!