How "disable web interface" works?


i just upgraded (manually, the other option didn’t work) to last 1.8.2, and before that i followed hints i found in How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo, putting

record_statistics = 0


maintenance_mode = 1

in the config/config.ini.php file.

but i didn’t notice any difference in piwik web interface, i could still connect to it no message was shown. I went on anyway, and everything worked, apparently.

but, how is it supposed to work? where the “maintenance” message shoud appear?

Thanks, Marco

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Yes it should hav eappeared, did you put the line maintenance_mode = 1 below the existing [General] sections?


…gosh, no, the words “add this to the config.ini” lead me to just drop the lines at the top of the file :smiley:

i just tried now and it works if put in the [Geneal] section…

any special car about the
record_statistics = 0


Thanks, Marco