How can we host Matomo logs in a Cloud database


As a new Matomo user, I love the product!
Have just set up the Matomo logging feature - especially to log & understand the SQL queries periodically being generated by the dashboards.

The documentation to enable Logging &/or SQL profiling for Matomo - here - mentions:

  1. Set the log_writers (screen/file/database)
  2. Set the desired log_level
  3. Provide a logger_file_path

Can anyone guide how do we connect the logging to get pushed to a database (e.g. AWS RDS or Azure Database for MySQL)?
Am sure it might not be that complicated and I am just missing some instruction here.
Thanks in Advance!


This isn’t supported out-of-the-box, but it might not be hard to implement it in a custom plugin. Matomo internally uses the popular monolog library for logging, if this helps you.